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THE PROBLEM - Many gamers find it difficult to aim/aim perfectly, as many shooters only have a crosshair without a center point. A "laser sight" can help - it's just a pity that your opponents can see it and you reveal your position.

THE SOLUTION - SNIPEX avoids exactly this problem. You always have the center of your visor in front of you and you don't give away your position. Because our SNIPEX work without glue, you can remove them without leaving any residue and reattach them as often as you like.

  • Fixes the center of the field of view before aiming
  • Permanent laser sight - without being detected by the enemy
  • No sticking and smearing on the TV / monitor
  • Designed and tested for shooters
  • Two sizes in two colors each
  • Extended tab for easy attachment
  • Tested and in daily use by various clans and professional players

Compatible with

  • all types of screens (PC, TV or smartphone) and for a variety of shooters (1st and 3rd person)

Included in the set

  • 1 x Snipex with a red dot in large
  • 1 x Snipex with a red dot in small
  • 1 x Snipex with a green dot in large
  • 1 x Snipex with a green dot in small

More properties

Clear cling film

Our film is transparent so that you are not distracted while gambling.

100% opaque AIM film

The AIM foil does not let any light through from behind - so you always have your red dot in front of you.

Micro Geko Suction Cups

The microscopic suction cups stick to your screen - without any glue! So if it doesn't stick anymore, just wash it off and let it dry.

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