Buy PlayStation 5: Still rare goods

If you want to buy a PlayStation 5, you have to be patient. The delivery difficulties have not yet improved. When will it get better?

Next November, the PlayStation 5 will be two years old. But many are still waiting for an opportunity to get a console procure . Last year many retailers confirmed that the shortage of consoles will continue this year would last . We asked again: Does it look better this year?

Unfortunately, the answer is disappointing: no, it will remain difficult to get hold of a PS5 this year. As Media Markt, Interdiscount and World of Games confirm, the deliveries still arrive at very irregular intervals. The pre-orders from 2020 have now been processed, according to Digitec. None of them can really estimate how long the supply bottleneck will last - but most of them do not expect the situation to improve by the end of 2023.

In the meantime, however, the console has also become expensive. In some shops, the disc version has now risen from the original price of 500 francs to 550 – and in some retailers even to 600. The price increase is said to be due to transport costs. In addition, you can only buy bundles almost everywhere. According to World of Games, the reason for this is scalpers: “Bundles are intended to deter resellers and scalpers. When selling individual consoles, it has been shown that there is a much greater attempt to resell the consoles directly. Sony and we want to counteract this.”

Expensive bundles

Buy PlayStation 5 Softridge

But the offers vary widely: At Cede For example, you can order the console with an additional controller, the PS5 camera and the Nioh Collection for CHF 689.90 - a good deal, since everything would cost more individually. There are also more expensive providers: At Softridge you have to put together a bundle yourself. You have to order two accessories and three games with the console - but the options are very limited (see picture). For example, you could only choose a pink controller for the last delivery or only the Collector's Edition of Resident Evil Village, which costs a whopping 400 francs. The cheapest bundle there would be 962.40 francs, the most expensive proud 1609.40 francs.

So if you want to buy a PlayStation 5, you not only need a lot of patience, but also have to keep your eyes open for the best offers. And above all, be fast. Because as soon as they appear in a shop, they are sold out again pretty quickly.

Editor: / Federico Gagliano / 04/13/2022

Picture Playstation 5: / 08.06.2022

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