Interview with Kevin Aebi - Everything about Kevin and his start in the E-Sim career

Kevin Aebi im Interview - Alles rund um Kevin und seinem Start in die E-Sim Karriere

GAMINGSTUFF.CH - As a proud nutrition partner of Kevin Aebi, we promote the future of Swiss e-sports athletes!

Hello Kevin

We are pleased that you took the time to talk to us about yourself and esports.

Who are you?

My name is Kevin Aebi, I'm 16 years old and I come from the Zurich Oberland. I'm the youngest driver of the t3 eSport team and a member of the talent development program.

How did you get into esports?

In 2019 I was with my godfather at the Fantasy Fair in Basel, where racing simulators were also exhibited. I test drove and my talent for motorsport did not go unnoticed. From then on I started to train more and in 2019 I started at my very first Swiss Championship. I gained a lot of experience this year and started my second season in 2020 directly with a podium finish at the Nürburgring and also finished on the podium. This made me the youngest driver in the Racing Unleashed Challenger League to finish a season on the podium.

What is your favorite game and what successes have you already celebrated?

Of course, my favorite thing to do is sit in my simulator and drive in simulations such as iRacing. In iRacing I drive various racing series such as the Flanc GT3 PRO Series, which is an official Swiss championship of the (ASS). I also regularly compete in the European Sprint Series with my LMP2. I will contest my longest race in December this year, namely the 24 hours on the Nordschleife in a Porsche GT4. But also in my spare time, I like to play GTA with my girlfriend and I don't say no to a game of Sims4.

How much time do you spend gaming per week and how do you plan this time?

That depends entirely on which racing series is currently running and how many exams I have at the technical school. On average, however, I train 20-30 hours in the simulator per week.

What compensation do you have for gaming in your free time?

Since fitness is a central topic as a motorsport driver, I spend a lot of time working on myself and my body. I train hard to get the most out of my body and deliver the best possible results.

How do you stay fit to be at your best in gaming?

I eat a balanced diet and do a lot of sport. Fitness and endurance are central terms and essential to become a successful athlete.

Do you watch your diet?

Yes, I pay attention to my diet, for example with food supplements such as protein drinks, but also with additional vitamins. But I also eat a balanced diet and eat a lot of salad.

As an e-sportsman, would you seek advice on nutrition?

I think knowing about nutrition is good in any sport, so yes, definitely.

Have you already had experience with dietary supplements in e-sports?

Yes, I use protein powder for my daily training to ensure optimal muscle growth. I am also familiar with vitamin supplements.

Which product do you use to improve your performance in e-sports? What noticeable effects does this have on you?

So far the only dietary supplement I consume during the races is the Sponser Cognivision Booster from It has made a good impression so far, I'm curious how it will help me in the 24 hour race.

How did you come up with this product?

As a Nutrition Partner of, I have the opportunity to use the products related to my performance and that's why I came up with it.

Which complementary products would you like to have?

I think I'm well equipped with my current products and I'm perfectly complemented by them in my line.

What is your personal goal in e-sports?

I want to be at the very top. I set myself big goals and work hard so that one day I can be on the top of the podium and say "I made it"

Where and how do you see e-sports in the future?

Even if I intend to get into real motorsport, e-sport will always be a part of me. Even though I wouldn't be able to compete in as many races, I still want to keep it to remind myself what made me who I am.

What do you wish for the e-sports scene?

I wish myself many more happy years and hope that e-sports will continue to develop in a positive direction.

We thank you very much for this interesting exchange and wish you all the best personally and in e-sports!

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