Scooper Energy Caffeine Snus - Cool Grapefruit Extra Strong 80mg

▪️ The everyday kick
▪️ 100% caffeine
▪️ 0% sugar
▪️ Performance-enhancing effect
▪️ Reduces fatigue

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  • The cheeky fruit likes to get lost in the gym with the tough pumpers among us. Due to its slightly bitter/tart and at the same time fresh taste, it is popular with athletes. In combination with water during training, it refreshes you twice!
  • Fresh, cooling, tart - your ideal training buddy!
  • 100% CAFFEINE : Each scoop contains 80mg of caffeine and comes from the natural, washed coffee bean - works like an espresso!
  • 0% SUGAR : Our scoops contain, among other things, a natural sugar substitute obtained from tree bark - so we get less than one calorie with one scoop!
  • VITAMIN B5 : The vitamin present has a performance-enhancing effect and reduces fatigue. It goes through the oral mucosa directly into the bloodstream - fast, faster, scooper! 

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